• The Flames of Rebirth: War in Fire Emblem Three Houses
    During the summer of 2019 I bought myself a Nintendo switch, and a copy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses purely on a whim. I don’t normally buy games at launch, but I needed a first title for my new game system and had never played a fire emblem game before, so I decided to take … Continue reading The Flames of Rebirth: War in Fire Emblem Three Houses
  • Playing to Win: TicTacToe
    While attending university, I spent a couple of summers working as a counsellor at various overnight children’s camps. One year, we played a game where each senior counsellor would set up an activity. Each cabin, led by an activity leader, would compete to see who could complete the most activities in a set period of … Continue reading Playing to Win: TicTacToe
  • A Theory Of Games
    My family had a play structure in our back yard that my brothers and I would use to defend against real and imagined invaders. The structure had two floors. The ground floor was a converted sandbox with with four walls and old carpet for flooring. The upper floor had walls on two sides, a ladder … Continue reading A Theory Of Games
  • Re: Barry Bonds Without a Bat
    So, first a disclaimer: I know very little about actual baseball. I do, however, love games, numbers, strategy, and game theory. So when Chart Party (a recurring feature on the sports YouTube channel SB Nation hosted by Jon Bois) ran the numbers on what would happen if Barry Bonds, one of the greatest baseball players … Continue reading Re: Barry Bonds Without a Bat
  • Udebs: game analysis engine.
    I recently did a presentation on some software that I’ve been working on for the last few years. Code can be found here.