Il pleut

I don’t know about where you are, but it has been dry af this spring in Edmonton. Sure, it precipitated a week ago, but that was snow. The leaves on trees are all tiny, there aren’t any flowers except dandelions and the odd purple jumping jack, and there is grit everywhere, especially in my eyes when the wind blows.

But it was like 14 and sunny so I decided to hang my laundry out on the line this afternoon. Then the sky got dark, and instead of heeding every Ontario-honed instinct to get that laundry off the line as soon as possible, I took a nap. And it finally, finally rained.

If I had to sacrifice my laundry for ten minutes’ worth of a good downpour, so be it. But hey, the wet spots on the pavement actually touched each other this time, so I consider my wet sheets a necessary casualty.

The climate out here’s gonna get drier and hotter in summers as the years wear on, so this might be a new normal, and I am put out. I miss thunderstorms and rain that lasts all day. Apparently springs and winters are supposed to be wetter, though, so who knows, perhaps thundersnow will be thing here in years to come?

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