Hey, it’s been a while.

I technically still have to wear my arm in a sling when I am moving about, but it doesn’t seem too bothered by typing, finally, so I can update this. I think my brain is getting used to the pain meds, so I’m less in a stupor these days and have more of a predilection for boredom. Also I am almost out of episodes of Drag Race to watch, so I’m getting restless. My incision is healing up nicely; Ryan tells me that it’s a bit red and there’s a bit of scab and leftover suture off to the one side, but other than that it seems fine. Which is good! I am not complaining. I’m even walking better now – I don’t need the cane to get around the apartment, and whatever nerve weirdness that was happening down my left leg and causing my left big toe to constantly tingle seems to be slowly fading. I don’t miss the stabby pains, gotta say. Glad it’s sorted itself out. I’m still in pain deep in my back/pelvis in parts of me that no human should ever have to think about, but hey. The muscles are deeply offended (and probably bruisy as hell), and they have some new metal hardware to learn to coexist with.

I was able to answer some emails today and last week, which is good, and I spent a good portion of yesterday reading, which is really good, because I’ve found myself unable to focus on the written word for more than 20 minute stints before that.

The only downside is that the hospital bills keep a-piling; car crash emergency trauma care costs a lot in the US, apparently. If I think about it too much I’ll go into a panic-spiral, so I’m trying to divert my own attention from it and persuade myself that the travel insurance will cover it. The travel insurance will cover it. The travel insurance will cover it. It’s a mantra.

This week I’d like to be able to get a bit of writing done, but we shall see how that fares. I pitched an article idea to Geez magazine this morning, because I am nothing if not a masochist. Being stuck in the apartment is making me loopy. Stay tuned for more shitposting, I guess.

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