1. Get a biweekly / monthly zoom chat going with my good friends where we all sit around and drink tea and catch up with each other
  2. Do the same for my soon-to-be sisters-in-law
  3. Set aside x amount of money to donate each month; the sum of how much I would usually spend going out for teas, say
  4. Make this blog into something useful where I’m able to actually write out my ideas more
  5. Aggregate resources for environmental actions to take now at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels
  6. Ditto decolonial resources
  7. Ditto western feminist resources
  8. Ditto racial justice resources
  9. Join or initiate a letter-writing campaign every two weeks
  10. Stream myself on twitch writing these letters in hopes that others will join in
  11. Stream myself on twitch as an internet auntie and just kinda be there for whoever shows up
  12. Start a monthly poetry reading group over Zoom
  13. Lead virtual studies on Sunday afternoon that pick apart the sermon and it’s sort of like a “book study” but the prereq is listening to the 15-18 min sermon
pandemic ideas

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