I am doing the challenges listed from this blog site that I found while searching Pinterest for writing inspiration. Today is #1: Introduction to you or your Blog.

“akrc” is at base the first and last initials of my own name (Ariel Kroon) and my fiance’s name (Ryan Chartier) mashed together. We both really like xkcd, and we couldn’t decide on another name that was better.

The tagline is a silly throwaway line we brainstormed – he works with and is fascinated by machine learning, and I am given to reading a lot of speculative works, hence the dragon. I could go into how dragons are intelligent and cunning and represent both attraction and repulsion etc but I didn’t have that in mind at the time and also that just occurred to me now, so it’s not a well-formulated idea.

So this is really a collaborative site, though Ryan and I both post about wildly different topics. Note how I have thus far avoided introducing myself; as planned, I have eaten up most of this post by going on about the obvious.

You really can just read about me on the home page. Or stick around and deduce my whole thing from the posts that will be going up in the weeks to come.

I’m going to try to stick to a schedule but I make no promises. First post: done.


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