Sleepy kitty

Whoops, fell off there for a minute. Back on the horse. Challenge #7 is 5 photos and what they mean to me. I’m not really a big photos person, but I’m gonna search my phone camera for some examples and put them here.

Sleepy kitty
#1 is a picture of my snuggly kitty, Louie, who has filled my healing process & pandemic waiting with so much love and fun.
#2 is a picture of Ryan and my engagement rings. His is a spinner ring, since he tends to fiddle things into oblivion; we bought it as a test as to whether he could keep track of it or not. Still going strong! My ring is one we designed together, with both of our birthstones (blue topaz & amethyst) in a platinum band (to get around my pesky metal allergy).
#3 Is a picture of my paternal grandparents on their wedding day. I never knew my Opa; he died around the time I was born. This photo was displayed at my Oma’s funeral; she passed this November, but I wasn’t able to attend due to Covid restrictions, so my Mom sent me many pictures of the small ceremony. I miss her.
#4 is a picture of Maligne Canyon, which Ryan and I visited in Sept 20…17? 2018? I can’t remember, but we used to do all kinds of day trips and “adventures” until the accident sort of distracted us and I’m still not quite over being leery of highways. We like to hike and enjoy the environment together, wherever we can.

#5 Doesn’t exist, because I’m still wrestling with the media uploader and file compression. This wasn’t an issue with my old phone, but this new one apparently takes pictures that are GIGANTIC file sizes, bigger than tinypng can handle, so forgive me while I go figure that out. I’ll edit something in later.


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