Challenge #8 is “10x things every blogger needs”. Well. I am not a professional blogger so I cannot advise on the necessaries of monetizing one’s web presences (or what have you), but I do fancy myself a casual writer at this juncture. So let me tell you what I personally need in order to get these posts done and to gain some sort of habit-forming momentum.

  1. A laptop with good processing power and ability to connect to the internet.
  2. The internet.
  3. A good blogging platform / site.
  4. Time to be creative.
  5. A room of one’s own (or… well, a space to one’s self).
  6. Challenges / prompts / singular ideas for posts
  7. A phone with a good camera.
  8. A way to transfer photos and upload them to your blog that isn’t completely painful.
  9. A hot cup of tea or a snack*
  10. Inspiration.

*technically not necessary but definitely helps with feeling gezellig and getting my brain in the right mode for what is essentially a self-indulgent ritual.

Okay, so there you have it: ten things that one person (me, specifically) needs for blogging. My weekdays tend to be arranged in such a way that I can bang out a blog post in about 20 minutes and call it a day, because I am lazy and these challenges are not too difficult because I’m starting myself out on “easy mode”. I could see this taking longer, once I start to flex creative writing muscles.


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