This one is big, perhaps too big for me to adequately express in this post. Challenge #10 is “Describe your Dream Life,” and while I’ve been giving some thought to this, it was only really post-accident that I started to really focus on “what do I actually want out of life and how to live it?” So this will be slightly more nebulous.

My dream life is one where I never have to worry about money again, where I live close enough to see my family on weekends, where I have some structure to my days but I still have some days where I do not *have* to be anywhere or do anything at all. When I do engage in work, I’d like it to be meaningful, contributing to my community or people (humans and/or non-) more generally. My dream life is one where I am … not “close to nature” because what does that even mean, but at the least I’d like a garden to putter around in and enjoy things that grow. My dream life includes having people over for lunch or dinner occasionally, throwing dinner parties, etc.

So yeah, not a lot to ask there. Just a simple, meaningful life free of anxiety. I don’t think I’ll ever quite achieve that dream, but maybe I can live out bits of it here and there.

I don’t know if anyone reads this, but if you do and are inspired, maybe let me know about your dream life down in the comments below? I’m genuinely interested. This is kind of a new field of thinking for me and I’m always excited to hear examples from others.


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