Looks like I skipped #9, whoops! It all works out really well, though, since I’ve already sort of covered challenge #12, which is “How Your Blog Got Its Name” back in my day 1 post. So today I’ll be doing challenge #9, which is “3 things you would do for no pay”.

Well, I blog for no pay currently, but that’s not in service of anyone else’s interests except for my own. I suppose this would be more accurately put as three things that I would do for other people for no pay.

I am a big fan of the barter economy in most circumstances, and the gift economy in some others, so this is a fun little exercise. I am very willing to do things for people even though they won’t be paying me – but I do still expect something in return, most times. Transactions just don’t always have to be in cash. You can buy me tea or a delicious gluten-free treat or come scrub my bathtub or dust my living room or polish all the silver things in the household in exchange for whatever it is. But I guess I should specify three things that I would do without any sort of compensation whatsoever.

  1. Have a supportive conversation and listen to you vent or describe your dreams or whatever it is! I can definitely dedicate time to that, and it is no skin off my nose at all to spend some lovely time with another human being, even if they’re feeling down. Wanna talk? Let’s do it. Zoom, Second Cup, over the phone… text can be super awkward because affect is very muted but if necessary I can do that too!
  2. Take care of your animal (within reason – I’m not a behavourist or veterinarian!). But if you are heading off to go visit someone or your job is demanding you work overtime, or for whatever reason you can’t spend time with your furred/feathered/scaley friend, I can pick up the slack for a bit (not months with no end in sight…. then you gotta figure out your life, friend, and I’ll help you with that if you want). Feeding/walking/petting/spending quality time – I gotcha.
  3. Watch your stuff in a public place. You gotta pee at the cafe? I will watch your computer LIKE A HAWK. You gotta run out quick to take a call at the library? I will guard your worldly possessions WITH PREJUDICE. You gotta leave for a few minutes for whatever reason after you’ve just sat down at the restaurant table / in the theatre / at the picnic? I will AGGRESSIVELY SECURE your spot.

All I ask in return is a thank-you. #9/12: done.

#12, #9

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