Day 14 of the Blog Boss Winter Blog Challenge prompts me to write about “5 Things You Can’t Live Without”. I’m going to sidestep the cheeky teenage version of myself that says “Water, Air, Food, Shelter, Health” and zoom on up to the top levels of the modified Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs today.

  1. A quiet, calm place to relax, rest, and restore my energy. (I can’t even sleep if it’s not totally quiet and dark, a far cry from my teenage fall-asleep-everywhere self)
  2. Loving family and friends who support and understand me (especially now post-accident, when I’m slow and ungainly and sometimes have bad days where I can’t think clearly or get the energy to get off the couch in the afternoon).
  3. Entertainment – edutainment? Educational opportunities that are also enjoyable? Not sure how to say this one or put it correctly, but I like to be entertained by shows, books, etc. that I can learn from. Some documentaries, non-fiction books about nature, movies, different fictions – even watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, I learn about a different way of life, of being, a different vernacular, a different fandom, a different way of being human.
  4. Tea and a gebakje alongside all these other things – honestly, being gezellig means a lot to me and my mental health. Cozy food brings people together, and I value the people I care about and want to be around them. A lot.
  5. “Beauty” is kind of an abstract cliche response, now isn’t it? But it’s true. I need beauty to exist, preferably around me and in my environment, but also in places where I am not. Beauty as in the ease of life for other beings (human and non), their flourishing, being able to play together and live even for small moments without worry about the necessities of survival. Flowers are pretty vital, too.

Day 14, done.


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